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SUPA x Stussy x LoonyToons  (Gossamer) Deck by SUPASERVO
SUPA x Stussy x LoonyToons (Gossamer) Deck
Gossamer the big red guy from loony toons that everybody knows but doesn't know his name, This deck is for you!
SUPA Streetwear Is Dead by SUPASERVO
SUPA Streetwear Is Dead
Supaservo is for the arts, always has been always will be, however in order to reach large audiences through creativity in a city like San Antonio, Art alone won't do it. People seem to like immediate things, Objects & Items to justify ones worth which I don't believe but here Hype sells and if you visit you'd see SUPA is I No hype brand! Gimmicks fade & those who are not it it for the art will get exposed. So how do I reach an simple minded audience who don't appreciate art USING art...? Design clothes! Haha
Proportions (Morning Inking) by SUPASERVO
Proportions (Morning Inking)
I dont know what it is about san antonio & roided golds gym natives but everybody here seems to only focus on one thing when hittin the gym. UPPERBODY. Now it may be due to the fact that just about every male here is 5foot5 & knows their legs are of no use anyway at this point or maybe the fact that the WOMEN here are getting into bodybuilding to compete or show dominance over us males but this has to stop! Proportions people, proportions. 
Mishka Mighty Ducks Rip-Off by SUPASERVO
Mishka Mighty Ducks Rip-Off
Dont you love its when streetwear brands rip off of established brands & names & make it their own? Well I love ripping off of those tho rip off of others to mess with them haha PS Greg Mishka saw this on my instagram xD 
Meet Servster the Nerdster

​​​​​​​​"Servster the Nerdster" is a character from the 90s who lives In the year 1994 in a small town called Goodville. He is a nerd That got no respect nor recognition until he unknowingly put on a SUPA Powered Cosby sweater for the Cool Kid's Party of the Year & Became SUPA Servo! Watch and read this comic story as he ventures through the 90's and Shows the People of Goodville Whats up!

The 1991"Hoes N Navajos Gameboy game was the nerds of Goodville's favorite game amongst all of servsters nerd friends. However, Servster the Nerdster was the only one that was able to beat it,& because of this he was god amongst all nerds. In order to beat this game you'd have to assemble your gang of Navajo pimps and pimp hoes all around the USA before the puritans came and took all your hoes, each hoe you pimped was worth 1000 points but for every Puritan that came and swiped your hoe for his own buisness was -500 points! There were 100 levels and a Different Magic Pimp Boss at the end of each one, to beat them you'd have to assemble your army of hoes you pimped & train them to whoop ass! This game is talked about a lot in the story so now that you know a little about what it is let's get back to the story!

And The SUPA Story Begins

    Its 1994 in the small town Of Goodvillle on a hot summer day, where the citizens roamed freely, little kids attended school as they were supposed and parents headed off to commute to their daily lives at work. Teens were at School as work office cubicles were occupied with parents who were ready to go home. For One nerdy teenager who went by the Name of "Servster the Nerdster" this life in the 90's he knew so well And Loved so much was about to change at the push of a button... Litteraly! Let's rewind the Story back a little & Tell you who "Servster The Nerdster" is and a little about his life in goodville. Servster was an average everyday nerd. There was nothing special about him, he had no talents, wasn't popular and only Hung out with his Nerd friends by defalt. He attended Simpleton High,a school that was made mostly up of jocks, college athletes Slutty girls and a popular school Clique Called "The Cool Kids & The Hootie Hoo Hoochie Mamas." Servster was most often found Trapped in his locker or in a garbage can due to the fact he was anything but strong & was an easy pick for the jocks. He carried his Gameboy around EVERYWHERE it was a part of him , it was his second half! The game he played most& Was actually good at was Was Hoes & Navajos. A game named "Game Of The Year" in the "1994 Nerds Spot Weekly Magizine". In order to beat the game you had to pimp as many hoes as possible as a navajo indian before the Dirty Puritans came and snatched up your hoes. Servster was the only person in goodvile that was a level away from beating the game! This game wasn't your average game for Many, but there was something strange about servsters copy & you'll soon find out...
   ​​​​​​Alright anyways, lets fast forward into the story a little.... It was only a few minutes away from the End of servster's Junior year at Simpleton high. Which meant There were only a few minutes left until the beginning of What was supposed to be "THA SUMMER OF THA YEAR!" & more importantly the highly anticipated "COOL KIDZ PARTY OF THE YEAR" ! Each of the members parents worked for the same company GET STACKS INC so they had gone outta town for their yearly summer business getaway. This bash was hosted at the end of every school year since freshmen year, by a rich popular clique around the school who called themselves "The Cool Kidz & The HOOTIE HOO Hoochie mamas!" The Cool kids were the males in the Group. Many of them were on the Varsity Simpleton Molerats Football team, they "Spit Game" to every chick they saw, drove their Rich dad's expensive leather seated convertibles and "Macked" on teachers for extra credit on incomplete assignments; (the worst part of it all ALWAYS worked and they ALWAYS got A's on tests they never took!)! Now the Hootie Hoo HOOCHIE Mammas were the worst they were the cool kids Groupies. Yelling "HOOTIE HOO" in their direction was like waking up a beast! that was their hoe call! ;D They were the High Schools snobs and your everyday the Freaks of the 90's, they often used their "Hoe-ness" to get their Way around the school. Sadly putting a lump in our Algebra teacher, Mr. Fagston's pants was the only way they were gonna pass that class. They always gossiped about anyone who's everyone in the worst way possible but it didn't matter because they were always caught living up to their name in the boys restrooms stalls after school...(If you know what I mean!) They were terrible, manipulative & Misguided Individuals but Everyone STILL loved them & in order for you to be invited to "THE PARTY OF THE YEAR" they had to consider you as DOPE! If you were Considered DOPE that was your "Ticket-In", & Your "Ticket-In" Meant PARTY Time! Only "THE DOPEST OF THA DOPE" were getting in this party & that was pretty much everyone except for the "SUCKAS", who were usually the geeks and the dweebs of the school. Teachers & principals too obeyed The clique and earned the title of being DOPE because them too wanted to see what was POPPIN at the party! Sadly, Mr. Servster was anything but DOPE but he wasn't too worried tho because he knew his gameboy & collection of rare 80s limited edition Sci-Fi movies would keep him occupied at times like these. He didn't care about partying too much but in the back of his mind he always wondered about what he was missing out on! He Let his curiousness get the best of him and knew THIS summer was going to be different! He knew he HAD to find a way to get In & come up with a scheme on how he was gonna pull this off & fast....!​
    ​​​​​​As the class exhaustingly listened to Mr. Fagston's final boring summer lecture about not getting into drugs & not selling crack to Baseheads over the summer, they desperately watched the final seconds of the clock tick, waiting for the Last School bell, signifying the end of a long dreadful school year of '94 at Simpleton High! "Come On, Bell Hurry UP!!" Servster thought to himself. He had so much planning to do when he got home on how he was going to sneak into this party and mabye even Become DOPE!, he wasnt going to miss it, not this time...his mind filled with thoughts as the student's eyes grew wider awaiting the final seconds before the bell!!​
​​​​​​    "RIIIINGGGGGGG!!!" The alarming yet satisfying sound of the final The bell rang dismissing the summer ready school kids! The kids quickly jumped up out of their desks throwing their binders, papers and school work in the air signifying the beginning of the Summer of '94 in Goodvile! The streets flooded with Teens From every high school in Goodville. School Buses & Student Vehicles filled the streets as everyone rapidly scrambled to get home to get ready. This was said to be the ILLEST party the cool kids have ever thrown...EVER! There was going to be everything from games with $1000 cash prizes, all the way to extreme spin the bottle and DJ Razzy Freff & The Fresh Squire performing their hit single," Parents Might Understand" LIVE! It seemed like the Cool Kidz & The Hootie Hoo Hoochie Mammas invited everybody who was anybody "DOPE" from schools all around Goodville! Students from High-Water High, Reginald Prep & Buckleton High were conversing with the Simpleton high students about what was to come! Again TONIGHT was going to be THE NIGHT OF ALL NIGHTS! Things had to get done, girls gossiped about what they were going to wear & who they were going with to the party as the boys drove around in their cars honking, hollering at for honey dips they were going to scoop for the party themselves. Tonight was a MUST for everybody ...including servster!​
​​​​     He didn't have much time to waste the party was in 6 Hours so he needed to get home & think up a master plan on becoming DOPE & getting into this party. However, every kid at Simpleton knew him as "Servster The Nerdster" so he KNEW this was going to be a challenge! He ran as fast as he could through Goodville with his gameboy color & his "Hoes' N Navajos" game still in hand. Taking unusual routes he never took before he jumped over rocks & fences with extreme athleticism! He darted through the slummy grafitti filled ditches & weaved through bushes with a immediate goal to get home! This nerd was surprisingly quicker and nimbler than a lot of the "So-Called Athletes" on the Simpleton High football team who never won a SINGLE game since 1982! (Mainly because coach Buff was a PLAYA and spent his nights taking teachers out on cheap dates rather than coaching the team. The team didn't care they were more fascinated on girls & parties anyways; But Hey, at Least the coach taught them SOMETHING!) But anyways before you know it servster arrived at his home, ready to Plan, but he knew one Thing had to be done first if this was going to work, He was Going to have To kick that old nerdy look the students recognized and teased him for & change his image...He had to become DOPE!
​​​​​     Finally, Servster The Nerdster arrived at his front door, dashing through the living room where his mom was watching 90's sitcoms & gossiping with her friend Rhonda from work about what Sha-Nay Nay was wearing at work that day. (Sha-Nay Nay was known to wear tight bright outlandish outfits at work with a rachett fake red weave that was outta this world, but that's another story haha!) It was 7:35 P.M., About 3 hours away from the start of " The Cool kid's Party of the year! The sun was finally setting & a cool breeze swept across the city. The TV blasted of servsters favorite Nickelodeon TV Show "All That" as he anxiously paced his comic book and video game filled room STILL holding Hoes' N Navajos game thinking about how he was going to get into this party. Suddenly his mom busted in with a suspicious attitude! "BOY WHAT THE HELL YOU DOIN RUNNIN THRU MY HOUSE LIKE ITS A DAMN TRACK & FIELD?!" his mom Yelled. "Uh Nothing Mom, Just Getting ready to go to my friends...uhh Chess Tournament..." servster nervously replied. "A chess tournament huh...?" his mom asked suspiciously. "Um yeah, It's regionals everybody's gonna be there, Skylark really wants me to be there to support him". (See, Skylark was servsters best friend he too was a nerd but he left on a early summer vacation With his family a week before the end of the school year but servster had to come up with a lie QUICK.) " Mmmm-Hmmm, well Tell Skylark You BETTA be in this house befo' 10 & turn down that Dam TV I'm on the Phone!" " Oh YOU BETTA LOCK THE DOOR ATFER YOU LEAVE BEFORE I SLAP YA INTO A NEW ERA YA HEARD ME BOY?!" his mom concluded as she slammed the door & continued with her phone conversation. A new problem arose though, The party STARTED at 10:00 PM, which was the time he was supposed to be home. Nevertheless he promised himself he wouldn't miss the party this time so he knew he had to take a risk. His mom was usually asleep by that time or in her room and knew servster had no friends that went out or partied go on Friday nights, so She never worried about him coming home late & always slept well. This meant so sneaking out of the house tonight without getting caught seemed promising for him!
   ​As time Passed ideas became clearer and the plan started falling together. Now all he had left to do was kick that nerdy old style an lose the glasses. Not only would he have to change his image, he would have to change his SWAGGA, and that was the way he talked and the way he walked! Luckily Servster's closet was filled with his big cousin Jamal's fly 90's "Hand-me Down" wind breakers, sports gear & other cool clothing that Jamal grew out of being that jamal was 6'1 in 3rd grade! (after every family visit at his cousin Jamal's house, Aunt Lisa usually cluttered him with her sons old clothes before it was time to leave like he was a goodwill donation station!!) Servster never wore this kind of stuff or even set an eye on them until tonight, it wasn't his style, (not that he had any anyways, but Dope clothes & looking "FRESH" wasn't really a priority for him.) Servster hated how much space they took up in his closet & wanted to give the "hand-me-downs" away a LONG time ago. However tonight, they came in handy because he knew this was one of the ONLY ways He was stepping foot in this party! He tried on every wind breaker & dope piece of clothing he had in his closet, from bright team jackets to multi colored windbreakers & Sports team snap backs. As 90s Hip Hop music filled his room Servster was mixing & matching, searching for the perfect New look he was going to show up at the party in! He put on Jacket after Jacket, hat after hat and wind breaker after wind breaker but nothing seemed to Suit him, until he Noticed Something! A Cosby Sweater sitting in the back of his closet he never knew he had, he Loved It, it was dope! he Figured it Had both DOPNESS & Class and an Artisic feel to it (also Loved it because Bill cosby wore them and That was one of His favorite IDOLS!) Suddenly as he put on the Cosby sweater a strange artistic power surged through his body & left him with confidence like no other! He felt different, he Felt SUPA! Dope artistic qualities surged through his body, His Speech was Smoother, and his confidence was at an all time high! Was this sweater special or was it all just in his head? Servster didn't think much of it as he posed in front of his mirror using his new slang & words he picked up from watching YO MTV RAPS. "YO WHATS IZZ-UPP YOU BE LOOKIN FRI-ZESHH" Servster said in a uncool way as he practiced and posed in front of the mirror. Finally an hour passed & it was time to get to the party. He had created the perfect new style for himself and was 100% positive this was going to work, but deep down something had changed him for the good!!​​
​     Finally, 10:00 PM hit which mean it was PARTY TIME! His mom had already gone asleep by then so he snuck out of his window and was on his way to the Cool Kidz Party Of The Summer until he Realized he Forgot his Gameboy. He Climbed back into his window, quickly grabbed his Gameboy along with his "Hoes N Navajos" game cartridge he left on his bed & was on his way! The party was hosted at Jack Youngberry's house, the leader of the "Cool kids and The Hootie Hoo Hoochie Mammas" clique. The Door was guarded by Simpleton High's middle linebacker "Wilson Widebody" their tight end, "Larry Luckbuckets" & of course Stapelton Highs starting quarterback & party host "Jack Youngberry". It was a huge 46 room mansion located in the hills. Servster the Nerdster lived about a block away but he had NO mansion. He lived in a small house that was separated by a boundary the ghetto teens of goodville called the "GIZZ-ATE"! This separated the mansions from the average neighborhoods in Goodville & was the DOPEST spot in town for a party!​​
    As time passed Excited party ready teen's, car's filled the streets. Horns honked & kids from all over were making their way to the party! "LOOK ITS THAT DEWEB SERVSTER THE NERDSTER, YOU'RE NEVER GETTING INTO THE PARTY!!" random simpleton high students shouted from their cars as they passed servster. Servster had no car & had to walk but he didn't care, he always walked EVERYWHERE, nothing phased him that night! As servster got closer to the party, music from the party grew louder, and the amount of teens and cars awaiting to enter the party grew larger! Finally Servster arrived at the large line at the front door guarded by the Cool Kids & cluttered with anxious kids. The boys wore their FLYEST outfits and the girls looked their sexiest. (Remember, in order for you to be alowed in you had to be evaluated as "DOPE". ) Little by little people were being evaluated. People who were dope enough filled the house, while the suckas got rejected & even tossed into the front yard! "YOU'RE A SUCKA, WHAT PART OF ONLY DOPE KIDS DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND DWEEB!" Said Jack & at the snap of Jack's finger,the muscular Larry Luckbuckets Of the Cool Kids tossed out a skinny Un-Dope nerd into their front yard were the party people waited. "DAAMM, I HOPE thats not gonna be me," servster thought to himself as the crowd "ooh-ed" in amazement from nerds flying through the night sky. Finally, Servster arrived at the presence of the cool kids, it was time & was now the moment of truth. Would he finally be accepted as DOPE & get to enter what was to be The party of the Year & Maybe even The PARTY OF THE CENTURY?! Or would he just be another nerd tossed into the front yard, his fate rested in the snap of jacks fingers but the servster was ready ...​
    The time was here, servster was face to face with the cool kids and his evaluation on wether he was dope enough to get in the party was now. "Ahhhh" if it isn't SERVSTER THE NERDSTER" The Cool Kids taunted. "What Are You Doing Here, Don't you know this party is for the DOPE KiDS only?" Larry taunted. "Jack lets get rid of this dude!" Just as Larry picked up servster by his underwears getting ready to throw him into the yard jack calmly said "wait...I See potential." The waiting crowd behind servster was sure he was getting booted into the yard and Was Suprised he didn't. "WHAAT ARE YOU SERIOUS?! He's a Nerd, What Possible potential do you see in this SUCKA?!" Larry yelled in confusion. "I don't know, jack replied, it's something I've never seen in him before ....something seems different about him....he seems....DOPE!" The crowd gasped in amazement as Wilson and Jack almost passed out from shock! "You Can't be serious jack" Wilson Pleaded, as he puffed on his dads expensive cigar, "He's a BUM, LOOk at him are you really going to let that Fool in?! "Who You Callin a BUM?!" Servster snapped!" "SHUT UP HOE!" Larry yelled as Wilson blew smoke in servsters face, "I don't know what's Gotten into Jack but you're Not Coming in and Imma Make SURE of That!" Jack started to get pissed with lary! SHUT UP LARRY Aiight?! Im The leader, and What I say GOES! If I think Servsters Dope Then He's Dope and aint a Dam Thing You can do about it!!" "OOOOOOOH!" The croud jeered in a instagating way. Before Long the Rest of the Stapelton football team came out from the party to see what was going on! (Many of them were still in their football uniforms from practice that day, they smelled FOUL at the party but nobody cared because they got all the hoes anyways!) "Fine since you think This NERD is so dope lets put him to the test and see what he's REALLY about! "Suggested Larry! "Alright Fine," Jack answered, "Servster you're going to be put through a series of tests that only a Dope kid can pass, but I strangely have faith in you so don't let me down Now come in!" Jack Commanded. "I cant WAIT for you to fail NERD, we don't know why jack has so much faith in you but you are destined to fail!" Larry Luckbuckets & Wilson Widebody assured. As servster followed the cool kids into the house the anxious waiting crowd quckly followed as well. Jack Youngberry, the LEADER of the cool kids clique and the most popular kid in school was on The Lamest kid in school "Servster The Nerdster's Side and actually saw DOPE potential in him! Servster was ready for whatever the test was; this was his chance to finally Prove to EVERYONE he was Dope & Not the Bum everyone set him out to be and with his Cosby sweater on he didn't sweat a DAM thang he knew this wasn't going to be easy But he was ready!
    In an instant the Cool kids busted through the party doors they once guarded with Servster the Nerdster at their side and the crowd from outside behind them. ( many of the people in the crowd were lucky because alot of them were nerds who didn't have to get evaluated by the cool kids, which meant none of them had to get thrown in the yard.)Those few people quickly scattered off past the cool kids & into the party before they were noticed. The cool kids didn't care though because care Jacks main goal main goal for the night was to prove Servster was DOPE while Larry& Wilson insisted he was a Lame! "Here we are Servster, The Party ship!" Jack welcomed as they entered the Youngberry mansion. As servster stepped foot into the Youngberry party mansion AKA the "Party Ship" feelings of amazement, shock, & excitement all at the same time filled his mind! "Wow I'm ACTUALLY getting to attend the party of the summer!!!" Servster thought to himself. Servsters eyes grew wide as it became real to him that the Party scene he was eager to know about & soon be a part of, was everything he expected,. AND MORE! Dj Razzy Freff & the Fresh Squire were getting the party pumping, girls were dancing & grindin' while others were getting down in the dance floor showin their moves! Celebrities from all over showed up as the White girls were getting crazy and partying hard! People gathered around as The Gangstas around Goodville were spitting their hottest rhymes in the freestyle session! This was the place to be and servster was glad he took the risk in coming and was kinda angry with the fact he didnt take the risk sooner! Other than that he was feelin it & with his new felt confidence he KNEW he was gonna make this the LIVEST night everbut he knew he couldn't get TOO comfortable ...not just yet!


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Savantis Andrews (AKA SUPA SERVO)
United States
I am a 19 year old Basketball player who happens to enjoy the love & passion of arts of ALL types from Hip-Hop, Dance, Graffiti, Acting, Singing & More! I am also OBSESSED with the 90's You can see it and tell in alot of the work I produce everything & EVERYTHING that has to do with the 90's is me, Im a wild and outgoing individual! haha I also look to promote and look for unknown artists who are looking to get their work seen on my website! Check out my website & I hope you enjoy my work!

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